Pass Labs XA60.8 Power Amplifier
Pass Labs XA60.8 Power Amplifier
Pass Labs XA60.8 Power Amplifier
Pass Labs XA60.8 Power Amplifier
Pass Labs XA60.8 Power Amplifier

XA60.8 Power Amplifier

Pass Labs
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The XA .8 line of amplifiers from Pass Labs are Nelson Pass's modern masterpieces. They build on decades of experience designing some of the best amplifiers money can buy. The XA60.8 is the successor to the legendary XA60.5, an amp that John Atkinson of Stereophile described as: "the best-sounding amplifier I have ever used." The followup is even better; Jim Austin, the editor of Stereophile, reviewed the XA60.8 saying, "The Pass Laboratories XA60.8 monoblock is the best amplifier I've heard."


Like other Pass Labs products the XA60.8 is overbuilt, generally overdelivering to ensure that it always satisfies. In class A, the XA60.8 provides 60 Watts into 8 ohms or 120 Watts into 4 ohms. Even higher power levels are available in class AB, ensuring that clipping takes place at wattages far exceeding the listed 60 Watts.


The XA60.8 is an 88 lbs monoblock. It provides all of the benefits of monoblock amplifiers; power supplies and circuitry dedicated to each channel without any crosstalk. It weighs 22 lbs more than the previous XA60.5, featuring even larger heatsinks and transformers.


It's an Absolute Sound 2019 Golden Ear winner and current Stereophile recommended product for a reason.

Sold and priced as a Pair 


2019 Stereophile Recommended Component

Class A
Type Mono
Gain 26 dB
Full Power @ 26 dB gain 1.10 V
Frequency Response 1.5 Hz - 100 kHz
Power Output (8 ohm) 60 Watts per channel
Distortion (1 kHz, full power) 1%
Input Impedance (Single Ended) 50 kohm
Input Impedance (Balanced) 100 kohm
Damping Factor 150
Output Noise 200 μV
Current Draw @ Idle 3.3 amps
Power Consumption 400 Watts
Temperature 53° C
Unit Dimensions 19" W x 21.25" D x 7.5" H 
Weight 88 lbs