XA30.8 (Demo)
XA30.8 (Demo)
XA30.8 (Demo)
XA30.8 (Demo)

XA30.8 (Demo)

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An exceptional stereo power amplifier on many levels -- high-biased MOSFETs providing higher-power class A operation, direct-coupled front-end circuitry for exceptionally high stability and larger, more robust heats sinks similar to those of the larger .8 amplifiers. The list goes on, but listening may tell you the XA30.8 represents a value high-point -- quite possibly your particular optimal balance between performance and cost.


Class A
Type Stereo
Gain 26 dB
Full Power @ 26 dB gain .77 V
Frequency Response 1.5 Hz - 100 kHz
Power Output (8 ohm) 30 Watts per channel
Distortion (1 kHz, full power) 1%
Input Impedance (Single Ended) 50 kohm
Input Impedance (Balanced) 100 kohm
Damping Factor 150
Output Noise 200 μV
Current Draw @ Idle 3.3 amps
Power Consumption 400 Watts
Temperature 53° C
Unit Dimensions 19" W x 21.25" D x 7.5" H 
Weight 88 lbs