Pass Labs XA200.8 Power Amplifier
Pass Labs XA200.8 Power Amplifier
Pass Labs XA200.8 Power Amplifier

XA200.8 Power Amplifier

Pass Labs
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Are fabulous-sounding 400-watt-plus per channel class-A peaks attainable without loss of the musical detail or audible meltdown? Yes, through repeated listening tests and continual technical innovation that push performance standards, the XA200.8 achieves what most amplifiers can only dream about. Even for the most demanding, complex musical passages in larger rooms at high sound pressure levels, this model offers headroom to spare.

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Class A
Type Mono
Gain 26 dB
Full Power @ 26 dB gain 2.00 V
Frequency Response 1.5 Hz - 100 kHz
Power Output (8 ohm) 160 Watts per channel
Distortion (1 kHz, full power) 1%
Input Impedance (Single Ended) 50 kohm
Input Impedance (Balanced) 100 kohm
Damping Factor 200
Output Noise 200 μV
Current Draw @ Idle 6.3 amps
Power Consumption 760 Watts
Temperature 53° C
Unit Dimensions 19" W x 27.5" D x 11" H 
Weight 157 lbs