First Watt SIT-3 Demo Unit

SIT-3 Demo Unit

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 This SIT-3 unit was previously used for demos.

The SIT-3 is a new, and unique amplifier.  It provides outstanding dynamics and a big, open soundstage that is simply intoxicating. 
18 watts a channel into 8 ohms, a high-ish output impedance of .26 ohms.  200K input impedance.  50 uV of noise. 

This uses a unique SIT transistor that is available only to First Watt.  250 of these amplifiers will be made in a limited production run, and then they will be out of parts.  Get them while you can.


Maximum output

18 watts @ 8 ohms

30 watts @ 4 ohms

Input Impedance
200 kOhms
11.5 dB non-inverting phase
Damping Factor
Frequency Response

-.5 dB @ 10 Hz,

-3dB @ 50 kHz

Output Noise
50 μV unweighted 20 - 20 KHz
Power consumption
150 watts

3AG slow blow type -

2.5 Amp for 120VAC

1.25 Amp for 240 VAC


32 lbs


17” W 16” D 6.75” H