Pass Labs XP-27 Phono Preamp
Pass Labs XP-27 Phono Preamp

XP-27 Phono Preamp

Pass Labs
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The twin chassis XP-27 eclipses the already exceptional performance of the well-reviewed and well-received XP-15, XP-25 & XP-17: delivering enhanced RIAA performance at a fraction of the previous distortion.  The new design uses double shielded low noise toroidal transformers in external supply connected via aviation grade circular connectors using silver over oxygen free copper. The power supply is dual mono with two transformers with lower radiated and mechanical noise. Noise is the most prominent part of THD+N at low levels, so by lowering noise, we get better resolution and dynamics. The XP-27 input and gain circuitry are similar to that found in the Xs Phono. This means switching and loading are done at higher signal levels, minimizing noise and improving low-level performance.


Power Consumption 50 Watts
Gain 53 dB, 66 dB, 76 dB
Max out 22 v RMS
 Output Impedance 200 ohm
Input Impedance 30 ohm - 47 kohm on any input
Capacitive Loading 100 - 750 pF on any input
 RIAA response +/- 0.1 dB 20 - 20 kHz
Distortion < 0.005 % @ 1 mv MC input, <0.002 % @ 10mv MM input 
Unweighted Noise  -93 dB ref 10 mv (MM), -85 dB ref 1 mv (MC)
Dimensions 17"w x 12.5"d x 4"h per chassis
Weight 55 lbs