Pass Labs XA100.8 Power Amplifier
Pass Labs XA100.8 Power Amplifier
Pass Labs XA100.8 Power Amplifier

XA100.8 Power Amplifier

Pass Labs
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The middle sibling of the XA.8 series, the XA100.8's realize a muscular yet highly refined sonic profile. Like all Pass Laboratory's power amplifiers, they feature both single-ended and balanced inputs, Furutech five-way binding posts and a convenient ground terminal for safe subwoofer connection. Improved constant-current sourcing, precise voltage references and current-feedback all represent new benchmarks in state-of-art amplifier design. The result is a larger, more realistic soundstage, sharper transient response and the prized ability to reach concert-hall dynamics and realism without strain.

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Class A
Type Mono
Gain 26 dB
Full Power @ 26 dB gain 1.41 V
Frequency Response 1.5 Hz - 100 kHz
Power Output (8 ohm) 100 Watts per channel
Distortion (1 kHz, full power) 1%
Input Impedance (Single Ended) 50 kohm
Input Impedance (Balanced) 100 kohm
Damping Factor 200
Output Noise 200 μV
Current Draw @ Idle 3.5 amps
Power Consumption 420 Watts
Temperature 53° C
Unit Dimensions 19" W x 21.25" D x 9" H 
Weight 99 lbs